Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blogger or Wordpress, that is the question

This is my fist blog on Blogger, I am testing out the waters and trying to determine which I like better, Blogger or Wordpress. So far I'm liking Blogger, it seems simpler and easier to navigate around but this is only day one...

Today I decided that I am going to run the Color Me Rad 5K. This sounds like a fun run where the only requirement is to wear a white shirt and they will "color bomb" you with five colors through out the entire 3 miles. Sign up under the team name Pink Rizzle and you can join my team!

I have done a couple 5k races in the past but I have never been able to RUN an entire 5k with out stopping. I usually jog, walk, jog, walk, walk, walk. Well I am going to make this my FIRST complete RUNNING 5k. I CAN DO THIS and I WILL. I got this.

Since my husband was at work and I had two kids in tow with me, I hit the gym for a little run on the treadmill. The kids love hanging out at the gym daycare (probably because they hand out fruit snacks) so I took full advantage of getting a work out in while they played.

While I was warming up on the treadmill I was checking out apps on my phone for a Couch to 5k running program and came across this one, C25K. For my first run I wasn't sure if Pandora would work with the App running so I hit the treadmill in silence, which I HATE! I hate being able to hear my breath, huffing and puffing. I hate hearing the thud thud thud of my feet hitting the treadmill, but I toughed it out. The first day was actually do-able. It started with a 5 minute warm up and then going into intervals of running for 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds. The lady will tell you when it is time to start running and to start walking which is awesome for not having to pay attention to time which usually makes these interval runs harder for me. It will also be nice for when I attempt to run outside.  Since I only had to run for one minute I figured I could push myself, I ran at 6.6 MPH and walked at 3.8. This torture only lasted for 20 minutes then allowed for a 5 minute cool down. Not to shabby. During the cool down I wanted to test out Pandora and both programs DO work at the same time. AWWWWESOME!!

I suck for not having any fun pictures to share but I promise to post tomorrow about our adventure to the Seattle Aquarium and day two of C25K training.

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